Medicare System

Salvafix Smart, the system that guarantees shorter and safer mechanical restraints for patients

This new system allows knowing all the details of the application of mechanical restraint such as its duration, its beginning and end, and the professional who has applied it, among many other parameters, generating more trust between the patient’s family and the hospital.

Mechanical restraint is a procedure that usually creates insecurity or rejection among relatives of the patients to whom it is applied. We already discussed in a previous article the different options that are being worked on in other countries – such as the application of sedatives, known as chemical containment – that do not end up generating satisfactory results for all parties. What is clear is that all efforts are directed towards the zero tendency in mechanical restraint.

About mechanical restraint

Mechanical restraint is a safe means of controlling a person’s behavior in a highly agitated situation without the use of physical force. They are also used both to prevent harm to the person being restrained and to others. This aspect of safety must coexist with dignified care, those that respect the dignity, autonomy and privacy of the patient, providing fair and compassionate treatment that takes into account their individual needs and preferences.

The family environment frequently shows doubts about mechanical restraint and usually asks those responsible for medical care about its cause, application, and whether it is the most appropriate treatment for the patient, which opens a gap of suspicion. At Medicare System we asked ourselves how we could help both parties, addressing their respective needs, always tending towards minimizing the application of mechanical restraint, and the result of years of research is our pioneering Salvafix Smart system.

About Salvafix Smart

The main contributions of Salvafix Smart focus on the fact that it allows to know the duration of mechanical restraint, its start and end time, as well as the professional who applied it, among many other possibilities. It also allows professionals to quickly consult aspects such as patient history and medication, saving time and resources.

These are the main contributions of Salvafix Smart for the patient:

  • It offers higher quality care through the use of the best practices, treatments and products. In this way, both the medical center and the family members verify that the patient is treated efficiently.
  • It allows for more individualized and person-centered care.
  • It guarantees safety in the application of the technique in a proportional and justified manner, and is also recorded.
  • Eliminates malpractice in the use of restraints.
  • It is made with antibacterial material to avoid infections.
  • It allows greater clarity in communication and the sharing of information between professionals, the hospital and family members.
  • Facilitates treatment registration.
  • It helps everyone better visualize and control restraint time. In this way, both the family, the professional and society see the fair treatment given to the patient.
  • It allows patients and their families to be more satisfied with the care they receive if caregivers are properly trained and have the skills necessary to provide appropriate care.
  • Being proportional and fair offers more trust in the hospital, with the family and with the professional.

Pilot tests and awards for Salvafix Smart

We are currently carrying out several pilot tests of Salvafix Smart in several Catalan hospitals with very satisfactory results.

Due to its pioneering nature, the Salvafix Smart has also achieved different public recognitions this year 2023, such as being a finalist in the Anecorm Awards in the category of ‘Technological Innovation’, and also a finalist in the Mental Health Cluster Awards of Catalonia in the ‘Strategic Change’ category.

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