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Amebil: “There is a growing demand for medical devices”

Interview with Iñaki Gómez, sales representative of Amebil S.L.

Amebil has been specializing in hospital products since 1982. It is a leading company in the distribution of medical-surgical materials sector. They are our distributor for the Basque Country and are located in Basauri, Biscay.

Tell us about your company and the team that is part of it.

Amebil. S.L is a company specialized in the distribution and sale of a wide variety of hospital medical devices manufactured by important national and international firms. We have over 40 years of experience and reputation in the sector, providing service to hospitals, clinics, orthopedic centers, and individual clients…

What is your opinion of the sector in your area of operation? What facilities and/or difficulties do you encounter?

The healthcare sector is a highly competitive market, in which our company has managed to stand out thanks to the trust and support of the renowned brands we represent. However, one of the challenges we face is the competition from companies offering imported products of low quality and price. On the other hand, the opportunities we see are the growing demand for medical devices due to the aging population and the necessary increase in health investment.

What were the motivations for choosing Medicare System and its products for your distribution?

The quality of Medicare System products and its commitment to innovation and technological updates are some of the aspects that caught our attention the most. In addition, the excellent treatment and support we receive from the professional team have allowed us to provide better service to our customers. We consider Medicare System to be a leading brand for its quality, innovation, and customer service.

Since you have been working with our products, what do you like the most and what suggestions or advice would you provide to other professionals?

It is vital that those who market and use these ranges of medical products have a deep understanding of how to use them properly. We agree with Medicare System on how they have focused on training, using tools such as social networks and the internet, but without neglecting the importance of human contact when presenting their products and resolving doubts or incidents.

What would be your considerations regarding the future prospects of the sector and new trends?

The future of the hospital medical device market is marked by innovation, competition, and new regulations. We have the obligation to offer products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety, to always be at the forefront of the market and offer better service to our customers. Only the customer’s confidence in knowing that they have at their disposal the best and safest range of products available will allow us to maintain our trajectory in an increasingly open and massified market.