Medicare System


Salvafix Smart: The Revolution in Mechanical Restraint Towards Zero Trend

The Salvafix Smart system developed by Medicare System allows for the real-time monitoring, tracking, and verification of the correct application of interventions with patients experiencing psychomotor agitation, with the entire therapeutic procedure recorded. This contributes to the goal of a zero trend in mechanical restraint.

Salvafix Smart incorporates an RFID system that, when connected to software, enables professionals to view crucial data such as the equipment involved in the therapeutic intervention, start and end times of its application, or the number of patients restrained simultaneously. It also allows for a record of the entire procedure or therapeutic intervention related to the patient in their medical history, offering professionals a significant opportunity to optimize their time, dedication, and patient care, advancing towards better quality healthcare as a society.

Salvafix Smart is also designed to control, supervise, manage, and record every step of the therapeutic process, constituting a preventive measure against potential malpractice and/or legal claims arising from the use of restraint systems. For hospital institutions and healthcare centers, this innovative system enhances efficiency in resource management and saves time in clinical-administrative tasks. It empowers professionals to record and monitor their processes, thus fostering more individualized and person-centered care, as well as facilitating transparent and clear communication with family membres.

Lastly, Salvafix Smart allows for safer application of the technique in a proportional, justified manner, and as a last resort measure, with the entire procedure recorded. The combination of these implementations results in greater confidence from families, as hospitals or care centers have more specific and agile information available. Within the parameters of achieving greater and better care, it prevents cross-infections and automates alerts or scheduled notifications by professionals.

Salvafix Smart boasts a series of technical specifications that demonstrate its contribution to advancing patient care in mental health departments, emergency rooms, and surgeries, as well as the significant qualitative leap it represents for professionals and the organization of hospital and care institutions.

1.New sensory-relaxing color: discreet, neutral, and hygienic for the patient.

2. Flame-retardant TREVIRA® material.

3. RFID system ensuring registration and tracking of the therapeutic process and product traceability.

4. Sublimation labeling, no woven label: increased hygiene. Sizes from S to 3XL.

5. Stainless steel-coated eyelets for greater strength and hygiene.

6. Reinforced edging for increased safety against possible breakage.

7. MEMORY patented system (belt, wrist, and ankle restraints position recording).

8. Reinforced interior structure in all areas prone to high stresses, with high tensile strength and ultrasonically sealed eyelets to prevent tearing.

9. Micro-textured tape with anti-tear lateral weaving.

10. Security closure system with button featuring permanent antibacterial treatment and stainless steel pivot.

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