Medicare System


Medisport: “The respect of environmental standards will take more importance in the assignment of markets”.

Interview with Carole Coulée, commercial manager in Medisport. 

From France to the world, Medisport has been developing orthopedic medical products for healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics, and urban settings since 2009. The company’s ongoing objective is to distribute and design innovative and ergonomic products to ensure excellent therapeutic outcomes through perfect adherence to medical treatment. And it’s one of the distributor companies of Medicare System

Tell us about your company and the team that is part of it.

Medisport is a French SME founded 35 years ago with 17 employees and a turnover of 7M euros. We distribute medical devices to hospitals and clinics as well as to orthopedic stores and pharmacies.

What is your opinion of the market in your country? What facilities and/or difficulties do you find?

The French market is dense and therefore attractive, but completely massified; competition is very present; there are almost no small companies left. Our real added value is the reactivity, the proximity, the possibility of storing for several months. Our weak point is the loss of margin in a context where the increase in volumes does not benefit us because we do not produce.

What were the reasons for choosing Medicare System and its products for your distribution?

Medicare System is a human-sized company with quality products and able to adapt quickly to the customers’ demands.

Since you have been working with our products, what do you like the most and what suggestions or advice would you give to other professionals?

The possibility to modify the products in order to adapt them to the different demands of the national markets is a real added value.

What would be your considerations regarding the future prospects of the industry and the new trends coming?

The future is turning towards ecological issues; the choice of raw materials, the respect of environmental standards as well as recycling will take more and more importance in the assignment of markets.