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How Salvafix Smart care for healthcare professionals

The pioneering technological innovation system developed by Medicare System reduces the use and application time of mechanical restraints, helps healthcare professionals to track them and, therefore, contributes to care them legally and optimizes their work.

The use of physical and pharmacological restraints has been the subject of debate for a long time, but especially in recent years the controversy has increased, with the emergence of movements advocating the reduction and even total elimination of restraints, both in the psychiatric and geriatric setting.

Although this desire is shared by the majority of patients’ relatives or residents and also by an increasing number of healthcare professionals -as well as by the Medicare System we work in tune with the zero trend in mechanical restraint-, reality shows us difficulties in finding realistic alternatives to restraints or in implementing work methodologies that manage to reduce their use, as explained in previous articles.

After years of research and in accordance with this social need, we have developed Salvafix Smart, a pioneering technological system that aims to reduce the use of restraints, applying them in a rational and controlled manner, thus helping to protect the dignity and safety of patients and professionals, and which has already been recognized by the health sector, as a finalist in the Anecorm Awards and in the Mental Health Cluster of Catalonia Awards.

Salvafix Smart legally protects institutions and their professionals, creating an external, secure and inviolable record of the use of restraints for each inpatient. In this sense, it facilitates the work of healthcare staff, enabling to define a specific restraint plan for each patient and that this can be executed safely and easily by the healthcare staff, using the management and prediction tools provided by this device.

Salvafix Smart has been developed especially for the healthcare sector, both for public and private institutions that use mechanical restraint systems, such as general and specialized hospitals, mental health centers, prison health services, health transport services, behavioral disorder centers, geriatric residences and day care centers. All these institutions use, to a more or lesser extent, restraint systems as part of their treatment of people with psychomotor agitation.

What is Salvafix Smart?

Salvafix Smart is a pioneering system for the application of restraints on patients by healthcare personnel, which includes means of identification and monitoring that allow professionals to record and transfer data in mechanical restraint procedures in an efficient, reliable, and beneficial way for professionals and institutions, as well as for patients and their families.

The Salvafix Smart of Medicare System.

Some of the advantages of Salvafix Smart are:

It reduces and rationalizes the use of mechanical restraints. It allows to verify in real time if the technique is being applied correctly and provides information during the application.

It helps healthcare professionals to apply their treatment in accordance with current legislation and established protocols.

Facilitates a real and reliable record of the treatment and allows to visualize and control in a simple and clear way the containment time.

Facilitates the work of healthcare professionals by providing them with tools that help them to apply their treatment more safely, applying medical and ethical criteria.

Improves the safety of restraint devices.

Allows transparency in the communication between the professionals, Health centers , patients and their families.

Eliminates malpractice in the use of restraints.

– Reduces the risk of lawsuits due to improper use of restraints.

Avoids loss of materials due to washing or relocation of materials within the hospital.

How does Salvafix Smart work?

If a healthcare professional is faced with a serious problem that requires a restraint measure to be applied to a patient, he/she would proceed as follows:

  1. First, the healthcare professional places the restraint on the patient.
  2. Then, using the Salvafix Smart’s patient data reader and transmitter, it will read the identifier and transmits it to the central processor that manages the data. Healthcare staff will record the means the identification of restraint applied to the patient.
  3. Next, the healthcare staff, by using the reader device, will record the means of identification of all the means of restraint that have been applied to the patient.
  4. Finally, it will send the data to the central processor that manages them, thus associating the patient’s identifier with the means of restraint that have been applied, the duration and the healthcare staff who have read them, among other specific data.

The Salvafix Smart of Medicare System.

In this way, it is possible to monitor the period that the patient has been under restraint and to warn when the end of the predetermined restraint time is approaching. The central processor, by managing the information, allows it to be displayed on a control panel of the medical staff, such as the nursing control. In this way, the medical staff can monitor the patient remotely, thus facilitating quick reactions of the medical staff to warnings notice.

The Salvafix Smart of Medicare System.

In addition, and optionally, the Salvafix Smart restraint may comprise an antibacterial and anti-fungicidal coating, to prevent cross-infection. Moreover, since the restraint system has identification means, it is possible to follow its traceability and know whether the restraints have been cleaned or not yet, as well as how long it has been in use, or which healthcare personnel have used it, among other possibilities.

About Medicare System

Medicare System has been designing, manufacturing and commercializing textile-based products for the healthcare sector for 30 years. We have our own R&D department that allows us to develop our own line of mechanical restraint products, which has evolved to become a worldwide reference.

The products of the Salvafix range, which Medicare System has been commercializing for more than 22 years, have the support of many mental health specialists who consider it the best restraint system on the market, due to its high level of safety, quality of materials, after-sales service and the continuous training received by professionals.

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