Medicare System


MEDICA 2023: the revolution of the mental health sector with our Salvafix Smart

Düsseldorf, November 17, 2023. The Medicare System team has been present at the MEDICA fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, a great opportunity to share synergies and knowledge in this global medical technology market.

“It has been a meeting fair with our main distributors throughout Europe. We have been able to evaluate the current year, plan for the next and notice an exceptional reception of our new Salvafix Smart® solution. Our clients from countries such as Portugal, Mexico, Austria, Holland, Slovenia, Italy and Belgium, among others, have conveyed their opinions to us about the solution that, we are convinced, will revolutionize the mental health market in the coming years,” highlighted the general director of Medicare System, Salvador Torres, who highlighted the interest perceived at the stand by the visits of many professionals interested in distributing Medicare System products in their respective countries of origin.

Manel Montero, manager of Medicare System, has also highlighted “the great opportunity to meet our distributors and be able to update them with our innovations, which have caused expectation and interest. We were able to present them and explain them to our clients, with a close treatment to each distributor to so you can know in detail everything we are creating today in the Medicare System. Furthermore, “we saw many interesting things, at the level of research and technology, to be able to implement in the future, and without a doubt have the opportunity to know where the market is going. MEDICA is a world-scale fair and we have revolutionary innovations to contribute “he stated.