Prevention of bedsores

All of our Prevention of bedsores products

Salvapad Fibre Semi-Circular Cushion 25X150 Cm

Salvapad Fibre “S” Shaped Cushion, 35X170 Cm

Round Cushion

Wheel Chair Cushion Dalvapad Fibre

Salvapad Fibre Wheelchair Cushions

Salvapad Fibre Cushion Cylindrical Cushion Ø20 X 70 Cm

Salvapad Fibre Heel Pad

Elbow and Calf Support Salvapad Fibre

Salvapad Fibre Pillow

Salvapad Fibre “V” Pillow


All our products are certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 13495


All our products are for professional use in healthcare


Our R+D+I department develops safer products

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