Our History

Our history

In 1994 Medicare System began its activities as a manufacturer of health products, with its own technology and know-how.

Since its creation, it has dedicated its efforts to the development of new products for the hospital, geriatric, orthopedic, pharmacy, technical aid stores, and home care sectors for dependent people.

In Spain, our products are marketed through an extensive network of distributors that cover the entire state, and since 1998 our export activities reach four continents.

We are specialists in geriatric products, as well as orthoses and other orthopedic accessories because we want to guarantee the safety, comfort and stability of patients.

We have the valuable collaboration of an excellent human team, highly qualified and whose daily task is the basis of our expansion and growth year after year. The search for excellence in our work motivates us to serve our customers by offering them the best service and quality products at competitive prices.

Our Marketing, Sales, R&D, Technical Office and Operations departments are constantly in full activity, developing better sales tools, new products and improvements in production processes and systems, with the aim of offering the different markets the best products, solutions and means, to cover the varied needs in each one of them.

The products in our extensive catalog are entirely manufactured or verified in our facilities and our factory is equipped with the most technologically advanced production machinery that provides us with a response capacity adapted to the needs of the different markets we serve.

Our mission is to increase penetration in the markets we currently occupy, expand sales territories, offer new and better products, increase our quality levels, maintain competitive prices and achieve total customer satisfaction.

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